GOP Threatens Nuclear Warfare

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Hunter's "Understanding the Republican 'Nuclear Option'" from DailyKos and "The Top Ten Filibuster Falsehoods" from Media Matters should be required reading for anyone who has ever approvingly mouthed the phrase "up-or-down vote."

It boggles my mind that the GOP leadership continues to view anything less than complete capitulation as a defeat. Are they truly participating in compromise negotiations, or are they biding time until their spinmeisters can create newer, less threatening, phrases?

The "nuclear option" (which was originally the Republican choice of words for eliminating the filibuster) is now a disfavored term because it reveals too much of their mindset. (Unless, of course, the GOP's real motive for the name change was Dubya's continuing inability to pronounce nuclear.)

As David Horowitz wrote in The Art of Political War, "Politics is war conducted by other means;" this was perhaps never truer than in today's Washington. Despite Dubya's promises of "civility" in his first inaugural address, his administration (in collusion with the GOP Congress) continues to plumb new depths in partisan rancor.

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