Ann Coulter's next book, Billionaires for Bush,, and more political pandering

| No Comments | No TrackBacks recently ran a contest to “Name Ann Coulter’s Next Book.” The entries (especially the winner, “Roosevelt: Wheelchair-riding, America-hating terrorist”) did a fine job of skewering Coulter's confrontational publicity-seeking style of writing.

A group called "Billionaires for Bush" was auctioning off Social Security on eBay earlier today (archive) until eBay shut them down. Check out their book How to Rule the World for Fun and Profit to see them lampoon the Bush plutocracy at length.

Did you know that Long John Silver’s and Red Lobster restaurants are abominations? In the style of the repugnant website, parodies biblical literalism.

His work isn’t for everyone, but David Rees (author of the acerbic Get Your War On books) has some brutal commentary on the Terri Schiavo situation. Jon Stewart has a somewhat gentler take on it (video clip), focusing on politicians’ grandstanding and shameless hypocrisy.

For the politics junkies out there, there’s a list of “The Top 10 Reasons Why Paul Wolfowitz Would Make a Good World Bank President.”


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