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I'm not about to predict the imminent demise of either print or broadcast journalism, but bloggers have dramatically expanded their media niche. The Gadflyer has some of the most incisive progressive writing out there, and is most likely the best blog you haven't read (yet). Below are some samples from the past two weeks:


Sarah Posner's "The Marketing Culture" skewered WETA, her local PBS station, for caving in to fear and not airing the "Sugartime" episode of Postcards from Buster. (This episode committed the sin of showing a nonremarkable lesbian couple as background characters. More details are here.) Posner's letter to WETA read, in part:

"People who are afraid of the 'Sugartime' episode are not reasonable. They are trying to hide homosexuality from public view. But the censorship of a television program will not make homosexuality disappear. People who are afraid to let their children see a brief glimpse of a lesbian couple on T.V. delude themselves into thinking their children won't see gay people at school, at the park, at the store, at church, or at a friend's birthday party. […] We're not talking about shielding children from axe murderers or child molesters. We're talking about shielding children from a normal, biological reality that is the life of countless God-fearing, law-abiding, public-serving Americans, including public figures who appear in 'family friendly' media venues, from the Vice-President's own daughter to popular movie stars. Censorship of people will not make them go away. It only demonstrates the smallness of the minds of those doing the censoring."


Paul Waldman wrote in "Out of Touch" about a woman who talked to Bush at a recent press event. When she mentioned having to work three jobs, Bush commented that this was "uniquely American" and "fantastic." Waldman responded this way:

"Here's something somebody should have clued you in on when you were summering in Kennebunkport: when somebody works two or three jobs, it's not because they've got can-do American spirit. It's because their first job doesn't pay enough for them to make ends meet, and they're faced with a choice between running themselves ragged or seeing their kids starve, you goddamn idiot. Working three jobs as a single mother with a mentally challenged kid is not "fantastic," it's a trial worthy of Job. Maybe if you had ever held a real job in your life - or had a moment of worry about paying your bills, or wondered whether you were going to be able to feed your kids this month, or hoped they wouldn't get sick because you had no health insurance, or had a financial problem your daddy's friends didn't bail you out of, you'd understand that."


Waldman also eviscerated Condi Rice in "Madame Secretary, I Believe Your Pants Are On Fire," with the summarization that "maybe people wouldn't impugn your integrity if you weren't so willing to lie."

For details about the al Qaeda plan that was turned over to the Bush administration, despite her protestations to the contrary, read Richard Clarke's memo to Condi Rice and the attachment .

On second thought, maybe Waldman was too harsh. Maybe Condi was right: saying "We urgently need such a Principals level review on the al Qida network" is just too vague. Calling them an "active, organized, major force" that represented a "transnational challenge" shouldn't have set off any alarms. I guess it was better for the Bushies to ignore everything during the eight months before 9/11, including Clarke's direct warning:

"The programs initiated in the last three years lay the basis for achieving the strategic goal of rendering the al Qida network as a non serious threat to the US, but success can only be achieved if the pace and resource levels of the programs continue to grow as planned."


If you enjoy this sort of brutal honesty - as opposed to the predictable spin and unenlightening hot air of the mainstream corporate media - there’s plenty more online. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading.

Quote of the Day:

"This Age of Information has turned out to be an Age of Ignorance, in some ways comparable to the so-called Dark Ages, when the priests alone knew how to read and there was nothing to plug in. We live with an unprecedented wealth of information: countless facts and solid arguments and scrupulous researches, all of it (for many of us) just a click away. And yet it is entirely possible, and dangerously easy, to zoom through life with one’s head tightly stuck inside a sort of iron bubble, wholly portable and yet completely shatterproof, that lets in just one kind of 'information.'"

Mark Crispin Miller (Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order, p. 123)

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