Republicans try anything

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I received this email about alleged voter registration fraud (17 Oct 2004, 8:19 AM):

Democrats Try Anything

A recent publicized excerpt from the DNC's handbook suggests that democrats 'manufacture' allegations of voter intimidation even when there is no factual evidence to support the allegations. It seems that Terry McCaulife's crew is willing to go to any lengths to assure a Kerry/Edwards victory in November, regardless of the will of the people.

In our own Berks county, there is a large drive underway to register new voters. The two largest organizations involved in this drive are ACORN, which supports John Kerry, and Voting is Power, which is funded by the Muslim American Society Freedom Organization, which is, in their own words, working to defeat President Bush because he has dared to wage war in a muslim country.

So far the Country Voter's Registration Office has thrown out over halfof the 13,000 new voter registrations submitted by these groups. Apparently attempts are being made to register people several times, using different addresses, different birthdates, and different party affiliations. Many of the forms submitted have the birthdates and addresses written with different handwriting or different colored ink than the signatures. In the words of the Reading Eagle editorial staff "What kind of example is the United States setting for the rest of the world if we cannot condusct our own elections without attempts to stuff the ballot bax and subvert the will of the people?" Berk's County's only Republican Commissioner has called for an investigation, but the two democratic commissioners want any investigation delayed until after the election.

My response follows:

When I see this many errors - it’s the “Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation” (not “Organization”), Terry McAuliffe (not McCaulife), and the alleged Reading Eagle quote has two misspellings – my first impulse is to discard it as partisan junk email. (Republicans try anything?)

I always try to source these things, especially when I see phrases like “no factual evidence to support the allegations.”

Would these be:

- an alleged “recently publicized excerpt from the DNC's handbook” (Really? Where is it?)
- an alleged “willing[ness] to go to any lengths” that is completely dependent on the “excerpt”
- an alleged “in their own words” statement that doesn’t include a verifiable quotation

I expect to see some attempts at election fraud, and I will be as outraged as anyone else if any is proven (not simply alleged) to exist. It’s good to hear that the Registration Office is (allegedly) doing its job with the necessary accuracy and thoroughness. I await the investigation results, but (with HAVA) we may be examining provisional ballots for quite some time after Election Day.

UPDATE: I did some research today on the allegations, and found this article about the “Colorado Election Day Manual: A Detailed Guide to Voting in Colorado.”

The section misrepresented by Matt Drudge (and others) is titled “How to Organize to Prevent and Combat Voter Intimidation,” and it DOES NOT “suggest that Democrats 'manufacture' allegations.” It does, however, suggest that “pre-emptive strikes” be undertaken in states with a history of voter intimidation. It specifically recommends that Democrats:

“issue press releases denouncing tactics that discourage people from voting,”

“discuss the issue in the media,”

“express concern about the threat of intimidation tactics,” and

“warn local newspapers not to accept advertising that is not properly disclaimed or that contains false warnings about voting requirements and/or about what will happen at the polls.”

It takes a great deal of effort to spin that into something illegal or unethical.

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