George Will's "Questions for Kerry"

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George Will's "Questions for Kerry" arrived in my email Inbox, but I had already seen it in the my local newspaper. (They regularly publish an assortment of op-eds by George Will, Cal Thomas, Charles Krauthammer, etc., but the occasional Bill Press column inspires a torrent of "liberal media" letters to the editor. Go figure.)

Kerry's speech was the only part of the Democratic convention that I watched, mostly to get an indication of how he might perform in the debates. (Like press conferences, these highly scripted PR exercises usually bore me. One notable exception was when CNN mistakenly carried a live audio feed from one of the convention organizers, who was frantically orchestrating the balloons and confetti after Kerry finished speaking. His exasperation, culminating in profanity, was the funniest thing I've heard in a while!) I'm still looking forward to the debates, although not as much as I would be if other candidates were allowed to participate.

Kerry won't answer difficult questions from George Will or from anyone else, as that would require too much substance from both Kerry and our infotainment news media. I'd love to see Will pose a comparable list of questions to Bush (covering his numerous flip-flops and contradictory statements, dissecting the GOP platform, and criticizing his faux "Crawford ranch" populism) after his upcoming acceptance speech, but I don't expect that to happen either.

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