GOP Slander Campaign Against John Kerry, Part 2

Imagine my surprise when I opened my local newspaper to the op-ed page yesterday morning to find an entire editorial (from the Washington Post) by photographer Ken Light discussing the tale of the falsified image of John Kerry and Jane Fonda that had been cut from my letter the day before. (An explanatory article - with before and after images - is online at, a website that specializes in debunking urban myths.)

Thanks for reading.

Quote of the Day:

“So what do I do now about the conspiratorial Web site that's trying to convince its readers that my original picture was the hoax -- that Fonda really was at that podium with Kerry, and somebody edited "Hanoi Jane" out? All I can do is pull Roll 68 out of the file cabinet again. It's my visual record, my unretouched truth.”

Ken Light


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