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Occasionally, I get fed up with the "liberal media" doing such an abysmal job:

Despite the incessant whining of various knee-jerk conservative letter writers about my local newspaper's allegedly liberal slant, this past week should put their minds at ease. Even the Faux News Channel, that paragon of "Unfair and Imbalanced" journalism, acknowledged - dismissively - Al Gore's speech last Sunday; our newspaper completely ignored his inspiring defense of civil liberties. Is there a better way for the mainstream media to support the status quo than by denying the very existence of accurate and articulate criticism of the current Orwellian nightmare of paranoia and xenophobia in Washington?

The Associated Press and all the major networks considered Gore's denunciations of the USA-PATRIOT (sic) Act and other civil-liberties abridgments newsworthy, although less so than movie grosses and sniper trials. I think many of your readers might wish to read more about substantive news subjects. If your editors feel compelled to continue slavishly reporting every outburst of verbal flatulence by the Prevaricator-in-Chief currently occupying the White House, you could at least mention the damage his neo-fascist cronies wreak as they goose-step through the halls of government.

Gore correctly noted in his speech that those in the Bush administration have "exploited public fears for partisan political gain and postured themselves as bold defenders of our country while actually weakening, not strengthening, America" and then "used unprecedented secrecy and deception in order to avoid accountability to the Congress, the Courts, the press, and the people." How are we, as citizens, to defend ourselves against the encroachments of Bush's unconstitutional surveillance state if the media outlets refuse to give us anything other than scandal, sex, and pseudo-patriotic soundbites? In-depth analysis of dissent does exist, but one must search out the non-corporate media in order to become informed. This newspaper's nonexistent coverage of this issue doesn't help.

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